Corporate Wellness

Saagara's Stress Reduction Program for Companies

In today's fast-paced economy, you must adapt or risk falling behind. Saagara's program uses the most common mobile technology to deliver practical solutions for preventative healthcare. Useful Health Tools focuses on employee stress reduction, so that you can maximize productivity, creativity and safety.

Stress Cost Calculator

How much is stress costing your company?

Use our cost of stress calculator to see how much money your company spends each year on stress related costs.

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National Average Wage Index for 2012 was $44,321.67 (
The average annual employee turnover for 2011 is 13% (
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The estimated average annual health care cost paid per employee for 2014 is $6,207 (

Stress has a huge impact on companies. Employees suffer from stress-related illness, low productivity, presenteeism and absenteeism. Reduced safety on the worksite can run up workers' compensation costs, while poor health for employees will increase health insurance costs. Job stress in total costs U.S. companies over $300 billion each year.

Useful Health Tools

An effective stress reduction program can lower health care costs, increase productivity and increase employee retention. Standard corporate wellness programs have a 4:1 ROI. However, with the affordability and simplicity of Useful Health Tools, we project companies will get closer to a 10:1 ROI.


Utilizes technology your employees already possess for easy access


Monitor employee's progress to help implement a rewards program


Fits your needs whether you're a small business or fortune 500 company

With Saagara's Useful Health Tools program, each employee will get their own login. They'll be able to use the computer applications at work or at home, and use the mobile apps while on the go. Do your employees not have time to go to the gym? Make sure they have the tools to exercise and stay healthy from anywhere in the world.

Useful Health Tools for Businesses

Useful Health Tools can be used as its own stress reduction program, or it can complement a preexisting corporate wellness program. Reduce stress, improve safety, and save money by providing Useful Health Tools to your employees.